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Thomas De Dorlodot travels around the world and takes on challenges in the four corners of the globe and the reason he does so is to share his love of nature with us.

That’s because Thomas De Dorlodot wants to raise our awareness of the importance of protecting our planet. He does it through incredible challenges like paragliding over northern India. Or crossing the Alps, from Salzburg (Austria) to Monaco (France), over 1,000 kilometres by paragliding and on foot. All in a maximum of 12 days! But these thrill-seeking challenges only have meaning if they are shared with as many people as possible. That is what social media is for. You still need to be able to rely on a good connection, from any corner of the Earth. That is why Thomas connects with his Wyfibox and thrills us with his adventures and the splendour of the landscapes he walks, paraglides and sails through.