Discover all the experiences of Wyfibox customers

Alexis Guillaume

Professional skipper

A good connection is a dream for sailors and all those who are left behind on terra firma.

Famille Decampeneers

Motorhome holiday enthusiasts

The quality of our connection, wherever we were, was a decisive factor for bringing our children.

Johan S.

Flight Commander B777

Connecting from some airports in the world can cost a fortune

Josianne Bertin

Wi-Fi failure victim

The Wi-Fi failed and the Wyfibox could have been my back-up solution

Thomas de Dorlodot

Adventurer & paraglider pilot

Sharing my adventures from the most remote places is essential.

Mr Flex

Around the world on a gyrowheel

No live broadcasts from my 100% electric travels without a good connection!

Naïm Vandenbreede

Stage manager, production assistant

Connectivity is required on each shoot, this is essential.

Christian Loriaux

Bentley M-Sport Team Manager

As M-Sport’s Technical Director, I know that anything that reduces risk is a good thing to have with me.

Philippe Dehaes

Belgian coach on the ATP & WTA circuit

My essential work tools? My rackets and my Wyfibox!

Romain De Schouwer

Student, kitesurfing enthusiast

Reassuring and staying in touch with my parents when we kitesurf in the most incredible spots.

Elisabeth Peresa

Travel addict

Reducing risks while travelling also requires a good connection. Everywhere. All the time.

Fabio Giorgini

Photographer & reporter

It is challenging to take photos that capture the news. Not being able to send them would be a tragedy.

Sabine Jolly

International journalist

Without a connection, I cannot send my work on time. It is impossible.