A unique solution to stay connected around the world

The Wyfibox is a portable wifi HotSpot without sim card

Only 1 button

No sim card needed

Fleet Management Application

Buy the new Wyfibox and use internet around the world for a good price

Clear and simple invoice

No consumption? No bill!

Detailed consumption report

Cellular connectivity :

LTE FDD, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17, 19, 20

HSPA + UMTS (2100MHz/1900MHz/1700MHz (AWS)/ 900MHz/850MHz)

• Max. download speed : 4G / 150Mbps

• Max. upload speed : 4G / 50Mbps


Wifi network :

• WIFI : 802.11b/g/n, 2.4G band, Maximum rate 150 Mbps

Battery :

24 hours of autonomy, 5000 mAh (Micro USB input DC5V-1A)

Dimensions :

128 mm x 68 mm x 16.5 mm – 180 gr

What does the Wyfibox cost?

One time activation cost 199 €  then

Only 10 € / day of use

  • No more roaming cost
  • No duration of contract
  • Connected to a favourable fixed and unique daily price
  • Unlimited access to data anywhere in the world, thanks to a unique daily price of 10 €

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT

Activation 240,79 € VAT included & Usage 12,10 € VAT included

Our customers and the Wyfibox

We chose Wyfibox because we simply could not find any other provider or product that offered similar advantages!

Wyfibox is definitively the easiest, cheapest and stressless way to stay online while traveling abroad.



There’s been a natural adoption of the Wyfibox by the flying crew with no training whatsoever. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves, to their teams and to the
company as a whole. Wyfibox definitively solves the issues of the explosion of mobile data costs when travelling worldwide. Every heavy travellers of the company is now equipped with a Wyfibox.


Air Belgium

Wyfibox brings us a 10x multiplier in terms of simplicity and cost savings. We were able to provide on the spot quickly, stress less and easily internet access to our clients in Russia during the World Cup. It saved us many times from difficult situations. Wyfibox is an awesome product, we love it. We have now for any event a Wyfibox on the field.


Verhulst Event

I tested this Wyfibox  in Colombia, Brazil, China, UAE, … recently and it is super easy to use !
The Wyfibox connected both my laptop and my mobile. It’s very convenient, you feel and are always connected and reachable !

And all this with no concern about the cost of my consumption since it has a fixed fee. Personally, as a frequent traveler, I adopted it when travelling given that it offers me full connectivity anywhere and with no heavy data roaming cost concern.



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