The first international
Pocket Wifi with no SIM card

Wyfibox is personal, portable Wi-Fi that is very easy to use. With it you surf everywhere, with no stress or surprises. Wyfibox provides secure and unlimited Wi-Fi access for 5 devices simultaneously. Everything you need to connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet or even other people.

No SIM card and no subscription: you only pay when you use Wi-Fi!

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No Sim Card

Instant connect
to Wifi

Available in over 150+ countries

For only €10
per day

Technical characteristics of the Wyfibox

Nothing could be simpler: once it is switched on, your Wyfibox automatically
connects to the best local network wherever you are. You do not have to do

Worldwide coverage (+157 countries)

eSIM technology (no SIM required)

No subscription

No use / No Pay

Auto-connect the best 4G Mobile Networks

Unlimited usage

Secure Wifi

24h autonomy

 128 mm x 68 mm x 16.5 mm for 180 gr

Worldwide 10 € per day of use

Mobile network

Max. download speed : 4G / 150Mbps
Max. upload speed : 4G / 50Mbps

Wi-Fi network

WIFI : 802.11b/g/n, 2.4G band

Maximum rate 150 Mbps


24 h autonomy, 5000 mAh

(Micro USB input DC5V-1A)


128 mm x 68 mm x 16.5 mm

for the simple light weight of 180 gr

Buy your Wyfibox now!

Acquisition fee: 150 € (including all taxes and delivery) / 10 € per day of use for unlimited data (If local taxes are applicable – 12,10 €)

The Wyfibox service is currently available
in over +150 countries.
We are always working to extend this list!

Covered Locations


Active Devices


4G Networks


Daily average usage

4 Gb

Frequently asked questions

The standard warranty is 12 months with replacement of the Wyfibox.

Yes, Wyfibox is a global service, we deliver all over the world and to your country! We deliver DDP (delivery duty paid).

During a 24-hour period, you will always have the maximum mobile data speed at all times and wherever you are; however, variations are possible depending on the location, based on the bandwidth of the local operators.

Once it is powered up and connected to a local network, you will be charged €10 (without taxes) regardless of the use.

You will always receive unlimited access to global mobile data through your Wyfibox personal WiFi network.

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