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Having set off in August 2019 to travel around the world on a gyrowheel, Mr Flex is sharing his adventure every day on his social media.

Mr Flex is a great fan of new electric means of transport. He tests a lot of things that run on electricity: different models of gyrowheels, of course, but also hovershoes, scooters, electric skates, etc. He does it in a larger-than-life way because he launches head-on into round-the-world trips on these machines. He can be found on a gyrowheel on the roads of Laos, Thailand, Russia, China, etc., and since he shares his adventures on his YouTube channel, he needs a reliable and inexpensive connection wherever he is. That is why he chose the Wyfibox. It enables him to make live broadcasts, to share unique moments with those who follow him and to make it possible for us to enjoy the breath-taking landscapes through which he passes. Not forgetting that only a reliable connection enables him to answer the questions of the people who follow him.