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Type of use : Professional photo applications, transfer of large files, online Photoshop

Fabio is a rather special witness of his time. He works as a photographer and reporter for the top adventure magazines.

He often goes on trips for several days with his camera over his shoulder. Once on-site, he tries to capture that elusive and perfect photo. One that nobody else will have. One that will be rare and striking. One that will also make readers want to read the next issue. Time after time. Obtaining this shot requires not only a keen eye and perspective, but also human qualities. Not forgetting too that it also requires a good deal of problem-solving and determination. He relies heavily on his Wyfibox to boost his problem-solving. It ensures that he no longer has to put energy into finding a good connection when he wants to share a few shots and have the opinion of his editor back home. The immediacy of his Wyfibox gives him confidence.