Discover the unique concept of Wyfibox

What is Wyfibox ?

Wyfibox is personal, portable Wi-Fi that is very easy to use. With it you surf everywhere, with no stress or surprises.

Wyfibox provides secure and unlimited Wi-Fi access for 5 devices simultaneously. Everything you need to connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet or even other people.

No SIM card and no subscription: you only pay when you use Wi-Fi!

How work the Wyfibox ?

Nothing could be simpler: once it is switched on, your Wyfibox automatically connects to the best local network wherever you are. You do not have to do anything.

How is this feat possible?

The Wyfibox eSIM technology accesses local networks internationally. It therefore enables you to connect to hundreds of different mobile networks without a SIM card!

In practice:

1 / You buy your Wyfibox to connect securely wherever you are

2 / You turn on and connect up to 5 devices with the unique password for your Wyfibox

3 / You enjoy a fast, secure and unlimited Wi-Fi connection everywhere in over 150 countries for just €10 per day, with no subscription.


In wich country can I use Wyfibox ?

Where can you use your Wyfibox? Currently in over 150 countries listed below. New destinations will be added!

And what about on cruise ships?

Wyfibox works in ports or on land if there is network coverage, but not at sea (only satellite technology is available far from land). However, according to our customers, Wyfibox is one of the best options for staying connected on cruise ships.

And what about on airplanes?

No, your Wyfibox will not work in an airplane in flight where only satellite technology works. Wyfibox uses the available mobile networks.

The technical characteristics of the Wyfibox

Mobile network

  • • LTE FDD, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 17, 19, 20

  • • HSPA + UMTS (2100MHz/1900MHz/1700MHz (AWS)/ 900MHz/850MHz)

  • • Max. download speed : 4G / 150Mbps

  • • Max. upload sepeed : 4G / 50Mbps

Wi-Fi network

  • • WIFI : 802.11b/g/n, 2.4G band, Maximum rate 150 Mbps


  • • 24 h autonomy, 5000 mAh (Micro USB input DC5V-1A)


  • • 128 mm x 68 mm x 16.5 mm – 180 gr

Guide l’utilisateur


  • • Clear and simple bill with a detailed usage report. No usage? No bill!

Frequently asked questions.

The standard warranty is 12 months with replacement of the Wyfibox.

Yes, Wyfibox is a global service, we deliver all over the world and to your country! We deliver DDP (delivery duty paid).

During a 24-hour period, you will always have the maximum mobile data speed at all times and wherever you are; however, variations are possible depending on the location, based on the bandwidth of the local operators.

Once it is powered up and connected to a local network, you will be charged €10 (without taxes) regardless of the use.

You will always receive unlimited access to global mobile data through your Wyfibox personal WiFi network.